(English Electric) Martin B-57 Canberra

Martin B-57 Canberra - Version    Englisch Electric B-57 Canberra - Version           

RC-Kit, Semi - Scale 1:12

Wingspan: ~1.74 m

Length: ~1.66 m

Rootdepth: ~0,48m

Profile: halfsymmetric (NACA)

Flightwight: ~4,5 Kg

Motorising: from 2x 6,5ccm 2T or electrical

~ OUR INNOVATION 2009 !!! ~

Standart accessory:

- all GfK - parts have a white surface layer! -

If you change the front part of the fuselage you get a different plane! Please notice it if you order! You have the choise if you want to have the Martin B-57 Canberra or the English Electric B-57 Canberra. You can buy the front part of the fuselage is seperatly too! To see here on our Pricelist .

The optional Tiptanks (~300mm long, ~60mm diameter) are not included! You can earn it for a separatly price of 39,- for each pair from us.

Our special introductory offer!

RC Kit: only 379,-

Only GfK - parts (without wings): 289,-

Shipping costs to UK: t.b.a.

Shipping costs to USA / Worldwide: t.b.a.