General business conditions

Correctness & Actuality

All Informations on our Sites are checked. Anyhow we ca´n´t give any warrenty for aktuality, correctness, absoluteness or quality for the provided informations.
The accountability of ModellbauMuder and ModellbauMuder.de are counted out for damages in kind of material or ideally through the using or not useing of the informations on our sites.

Hyperlinks to other sites out of ModellbauMuder.de

We take distance to linked websites who brake the right in wich form ever. This statement includes the complete web of ModellbauMuder. If ModellbauMuder know that the contend of one linked site are brake the regular rights we will earse the link to this site!


All scripts, articels written on our web, pictures and graphics are copy protectet by our copyright or by the rights of there respective owners. The complete content of our web is dedicated to the personal information of our customers. Each using otherwise, including backup in databays, systems, other webs, replication, multiplication and every form of buissenes and comercial using - in parts or complete - is WITHOUT OUR OKAY (or from the owner of the rights) are NOT ALLOWED!!!

Privacy of data

We gave you the garanty that the personal datas from our customers are confidetal. We use the customer datas only internal for our usement. If you want it we earse the data from you (customer) indemediatly.

---- Regular terms of condition ---

All kits are delvierable except of finish.Prices and shipping conditions t.b.a..

We deliver ONLY to end consumer !

Delivering ONLY through cash in advance! The customer have to pay the shipping costs.

Self-pickup only through telefonical / self written asking.

Court of justice is Plettenberg / Germany.

All rights, errors, mistakes and technical changings by ModellbauMuder(.de) .

All products and components are "Made in Germany" !