Fauvel AV22 *mini*

Fauvel AV22 *mini*


Semi Scale 1:6

For all who likes it a little bit smaller...

Standard accessory:

GfK-Epoxyfuselage (white)

Clear Canopy


GfK wheel casing

Styro-Balsawood wings connectable with Alu-Pipe

Servocable already build-in

Side rudder and helping plan

Nose strip grinded

Aileron and cross rudder are cut out

Technical details:

Wingspan: ~ 2,50 m

Length: ~ 0,91 m

Flightwight: ~ 3,4Kg

Profile: CJ3309 mod.

Root depth: 350mm

...only 239 !!!

Root kit (only GfK-parts!):